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Long Island, NYC, Westchester

The Organic Personal Chef - Long Island NY Personal Chef

Better Food For A Better Life

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I Love My Coffee says Chef Vanda

My Perfect Dessert

My Perfect Dessert

I love my coffee. Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with the beverage. My father would prepare an espresso and I was only allowed to lick the spoon. I wanted the foam but he would tell me “Why should I give you my foam?”

My father ran a famous restaurant on Long Island, and at 13 I ran the espresso machine at Le Baron in Hicksville. I prepared specialty coffees for all the waiters; they would bring me the cups with the liquor already in it because I wasn’t allowed to pour alcohol.

When I visited Portugal a few years back, I found they drink so much coffee. At first, I had an espresso every once in awhile but by the time I left I was up to 12 espressos a day.

Throughout my career in the service industry, people always would come to me for their specialty coffees because I could make a milk foam that felt like whipped cream, everybody loved that.

Sit down, let me pour you a cup.

How do you take your coffee? Do you have any fond coffee memories, or is it just me?

7 Responses to I Love My Coffee says Chef Vanda

  • Hello Vanda,

    I have so many great coffee memories but mine revolve around the great men & women that are the first to touch this amazing bean. As you know through our “Tweets” I work to help bring these farmers out of the extreme poverty level by educating them on more efficient, eco-friendly & sustainable ways to grow for us the fond memories that it has provided us and so many others. We have been helping them for over 10 years now.

    Now is helping to take these great coffee communties to the next level by providing the co-op’s that we helped to form, Micro-loans so that the farmers can hold onto their coffee all the way through the process. We have even helped them get their own exporters license.

    Sorry to ramble so much but I can share forever about these wonderful farmers.

    The reason for me reaching out to you is that we currently have a shipment of Oaxaca coffee that will be arriving soon (we have been roasting the samples daily and it is very very good) and I am traveling to Honduras this thursday to meet with the coffee farmers and to help make arrangements to ship their coffee to us.

    When I receive the final shipments of coffee, I would be honored to send you a couple of whole bean bags and I hope that you knowing that you have a friend that is personally connected with these growers it will add another fond memory!



  • Chef Vanda says:

    I like my coffe Cuban style but with much less sugar! The style is more a method ie. placing the sugar in the cup and brewing the coffee onto the sugar. I use fair trade raw cane sugar for this method ~_~

  • Don’t even talk to me if I haven’t had my morning cup. I was hooked on Starbucks for awhile, now I drink it the way my little old grandmother used to drink it, double espresso with sugar “un cafecito”. I’m going to have one now.
    Hungry Guy In LI recently posted..Sometimes- It’s A Diner

  • Chef Vanda says:

    You my friend never cease to amaze me and why I respect you and what you do!! I can not thank you enough!!
    I only buy Fair Trade things that do not grow here in NY like coffee, chocolate, bananas, pineapples, sugar etc because I too really do think about the people working so hard to bring me some of life’s little pleasures. You however go 100 steps further…all too often these hard working people can not afford to feed their families, never mind the conditions they live in and the miles they have to walk to take a sick loved one to a facility that may turn them down for the lack of meds. You help them in so many ways and with a passion. I too could rant all day.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me and I would be honored to have a taste of what your hard work will bring me to add to my fond memories. It was not too long ago, we talked about your trip to Oaxaca and I could hear how proud you were for the work and accomplishments you experienced. I wish you much success for your trip to Honduras! Make sure you have some fun and enjoy some of their local delish foods, so you can tell me all about it and make me all jealous ~_-


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